Your Name: Meana
Your Age: 29
Your Hair Color: Dark Brown
Your Eye color: Blue
Surfing: Fan Fiction
Reading: The Golden Compass
Eating: Beef & Barley Soup
Listening: Billy Idol - Greatest Hits
Feeling: Tired
Heritage: Canadian
Description: Does anyone really want to know?
Zodiac: Taurus
Loves: Fan Fiction, Harry/Draco, NCIS, Kate/Tony, X-Men, Storm/Gambit, Aragorn/Boromir


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 Andromeda - Anasazi, Tyr:  Andromeda - Harper, Seamus Zelazny:  Andromeda - Hunt, Dylan:  Andromeda - Rhade, Telemachus:  Babylon 5 - Cole, Marcus:  Battlestar Galactica - Apollo: Galactic Captain BtVS - Giles, Rupert: Father Figure BtVS/ATS - Osbourne, Daniel (Oz):  BtVS/ATS - Spike:  CSI - Robbins, Al: Everyday Hero CSI - Sanders, Greg:  CSI - Stokes, Nick:  Dark Angel - Cale, Logan:  Doctor Who: Harkness, Captain Jack: Oh Captain, My Captain Earth 2 - Danziger, John:  Eureka - Stark, Nathan: Mastermind Firefly - Book, Shepherd:  Firefly - Cobb, Jayne: Very Up Person Firefly - Reynolds, Malcolm (Mal):  Firefly - Tam, Simon:  Firefly - Wash:  Hercules/Xena - Ares:  Jeremiah - Alexander, Markus:  Jeremiah - Jeremiah:  Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Goren, Robert (Bobby):  Lexx - Kai: The Dead Do Not... Mutant X - Mulwray, Brennan:  Navy NCIS - DiNozzo, Anthony (Tony): Outrageous OZ - Keller, Chris:  Power Rangers - Oliver, Tommy:  Power Rangers - Scott, Jason:  Pretender, The - Jarod:  Queer As Folk - Kinney, Brian:  Queer As Folk - Taylor, Justin:  Roswell - Guerin, Michael:  Roswell - Men:  Star Trek: Enterprise - Tucker, Charles 'Trip':  Star Trek: Voyager - Chakotay: Reflection Pool Supernatural - Winchester, Dean: Fervid Supernatural - Winchester, Sam: College Boy

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