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Description: Does anyone really want to know?
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Bean, Sean and Mortensen, Viggo:  Belgariad/Malloreon: Polgara:  Beverly Hills 90210 - Dylan/Kelly: Meant To Be Birds of Prey:  Black, Claudia: Black Radiance Blade:  Blade - Blade (Eric Brooks):  Blade - Damaskinos, Nyssa:  Blade - Frost, Deacon:  Blade - Nightstalkers:  Blade - Whistler, Abigail:  Blade - Whistler, Abraham:  Blade II:  Blade III: Trinity:  Blade: Trinity - Abigail/Hannibal:  Blood Ties: Night Walker Blood Ties - Characters: Chance Encounters Blood Ties - Mike/Henry: Jealousy Blood Ties - Mike/Henry/Vicki: Blood Triangle Blyton, Enid - Adventure series:  Bones - Booth, Seeley/Temperance (Bones) Brennan:  Bones - Hodgins, Jack/Angela Montenegro: Love Is Overrated... Most of the Time Breaker High:  Bring It On:  Bring It On - Egbert, Courtney:  Bring It On - Pantone, Missy:  Brokeback Mountain: On The Mountain Brokeback Mountain - Ennis/Jack: Pair of Deuces Brokeback Mountain - Twist, Jack: Borrowed Shirt Browder, Ben: Perfection Personified BtVS - Angel/Willow:  BtVS - Buffy vs. Faith:  BtVS - Buffy/Giles:  BtVS - Buffy/Giles:  BtVS - Giles, Rupert: Father Figure BtVS - Glorificus (Glory):  BtVS - Vampire Willow:  BtVS - Willow/Tara:  BtVS - Xander/Anya:  BtVS/ATS - Angel/Faith:  BtVS/ATS - Angelus/Darla:  BtVS/ATS - Angelus/Drusilla/Spike: Devil Children BtVS/ATS - Darla:  BtVS/ATS - Darla/Angel(us): Immortal Lust BtVS/ATS - Drusilla:  BtVS/ATS - Faith/Wesley:  BtVS/ATS - Fanged Four:  BtVS/ATS - Osbourne, Daniel (Oz):  BtVS/ATS - Slash:  BtVS/ATS - Spike:  BtVS/ATS - Spike/Angel:  BtVS/ATS - Spike/Angel:  BtVS/ATS - Spike/Angel Fan Art:  Buffy - 03x03 - Faith, Hope & Trick:  Buffy - 03x17 - Enemies:  Buffy - 04x10 - Hush:  Buffy - 06x21 - Two To Go:  Buffy - 06x22 - Grave: Spark of Humanity Buffy - 07x18 - Dirty Girls:  Buffy - 07x19 - Empty Places:  Buffy - 07x22 - Chosen:  Buffy: The Vampire Slayer:  California Dreams:  Canada:  Captain Planet and the Planeteers:  Care Bears: Care-A-Lot Care Bears: Share A Smile Carter, Jason: Dashing Cell, The: Mind & Dream Celtic Woman: A New Journey Charmed:  Charmed - 04x03 - Hell Hath No Fury:  Charmed - Piper/Cole:  Children of Dune - Mini-Series: Sands of Arrakis Christian, Claudia: A Bit Risque Chronicles of Riddick, The - Vaako:  Chronicles of Riddick, The/Pitch Black - Characters: Are You Afraid of the Dark? Chronicles of Riddick, The/Pitch Black - Riddick, Richard B.:  Clark, Terri: Emotional Girl Clooney, George: Irresistible Clueless:  Comics - Fathom: Beneath the Waves Comics - For Better Or For Worse:  Comics - Generation X: NEXT Comics - Tomb Raider:  Comics - Uncanny X-Men: Prodigious Comics - Witchblade:  Comics - Wonder Woman:  Comics - X-Men: Legendary Cooper, Susan - Dark Is Rising Sequence:  Cox, Christina:  Craft, The: Three Fold Crow, The: Stairway to Heaven:  CSI:  CSI - 01x04 - Pledging Mr. Johnson:  CSI - 01x07 - Blood Drops:  CSI - Gil/Catherine:  CSI - Nick/Sara: Tricky Nick and Sunshine CSI - Robbins, Al: Everyday Hero CSI - Sanders, Greg:  CSI - Stokes, Nick:  CSI - Willows, Catherine:  CSI: Miami:  CSI: Miami - Calleigh/Eric:  Cutting Edge, The:  D'Onofrio, Vincent:  Dark Angel - Cale, Logan:  Dark Crystal, The:  Dark Crystal, The - Augrha:  Dark Crystal, The - Fizzgig:  Dark Crystal, The - Jen:  Dark Crystal, The - Kira:  Dawson's Creek - Doug/Jack:  Dawson's Creek - Jack/Jen:  deBoer, Nicole: awakening Deepwater Black (aka. Mission Genesis):  Diablo (series):  Dirty Dancing:  Doctor Snuggles:  Doctor Who: Strange Business Doctor Who - 01x13 - Parting of the Ways: I Was Fantastic Doctor Who: All Characters: Time Travellers Doctor Who: Doctor (10th)/Rose: Barcelona Doctor Who: Doctor/Captain Jack: Time and Space Doctor Who: Doctor/Captain Jack: When Destinies Collide Doctor Who: Doctor/Rose: Better With Two Doctor Who: Doctor/Rose/Captain Jack: Three's Company Doctor Who: Harkness, Captain Jack: Oh Captain, My Captain Doctor Who: Tyler, Rose: Another Place, Another Time Doggy Style: G-Spot Jiggy Doig, Lexa: Sultry Double Penetration: 2 + 1 Driver, Minnie: Diva Dukes of Hazzard:  Dune:  Dune - Atreides, Alia: Afflicted Dune - Atreides, Ghanima: Never to Forget Dune - Atreides, Leto II:  Dune - Idaho, Duncan:  Dune - Lady Jessica:  Dune - Leto/Ghanima:  Dune - Mini-Series:  Dungeon Siege:  Dungeon Siege (series):  Dunham, Jeff: Spark of Insanity Dushku, Eliza: Obsidian Eyes Earth 2 - Danziger, John:  Eddings, David:  Eddings, David - Elenium:  Eddings, David - Mallorean:  Eddings, David - Tamuli:  ER - Lucy/Carter:  Eureka: Archimedes in a Bathtub Eureka - Stark, Nathan: Mastermind Eureka: Jack/Allison: More Than A Crush F/X: The Series:  F/X: The Series - Rollie/Angie:  Fanfiction:  Fanfiction - Adult/NC-17: Guilty Pleasures Fanfiction - Slash:  Fanfiction - Slash - Ackles, Jensen & Padalecki, Jared: Padackles Fanfiction - Slash - Adult:  Fanfiction - Slash - Real Person:  Fantastic Four:  Fantastic Four - Characters:  Fantastic Four - Characters - Female:  Fantastic Four - Characters - Male:  Fantastic Four - Fantastic Four, The: Prepare for the Fantastic Fantastic Four - Richards, Reed (Mr. Fantastic):  Fantastic Four - Storm, Johnny (Human Torch):  Fantastic Four - Sue/Johnny:  Fantastic Four - Von Doom, Victor (Dr. Doom):  Fantasy Books:  Farscape:  FarScape - Chiana:  FarScape - Crichton, John/Aeryn Sun: Beyond Hope FarScape - Sun, Aeryn:  Fathom - Characters - Matthews, Aspen: Aqua Domina Feist, Raymond E. - Riftwar Saga:  Fifth Element, The:  Figure Skating: Figurnoye Kataniye Figure Skating - Bourne & Kraatz:  Figure Skating - Gordeeva & Grinkov:  Figure Skating - Sale & Pelletier:  Firefly:  Firefly - (Sonny Rhodes: Ballad of Serenity):  Firefly - 01x05 - Out of Gas:  Firefly - 01x11 & 01x12 - Serenity:  Firefly - Book, Shepherd:  Firefly - Characters: Sky Is The Limit Firefly - Characters - Female:  Firefly - Characters - Male:  Firefly - Cobb, Jayne: Very Up Person Firefly - Frye, Kaywinnit Lee (Kaylee):  Firefly - Kaylee/Mal:  Firefly - Reynolds, Malcolm (Mal):  Firefly - River/Simon:  Firefly - Serra, Inara:  Firefly - Tam, River:  Firefly - Tam, Simon:  Firefly - Warren, Zoe:  Firefly - Wash:  Firefly - Wash/Zoe:  Firefly/Serenity: beyond CANON Follows, Megan: Captured Forever Knight:  Forever Knight - Nick/Natalie:  Furtado, Nelly: Legend Gay Sex: Friction General Hospital - Alexis/Jax:  General Hospital - Carly/Jason:  Gilmore Girls - Luke/Lorelai:  Gilmore Girls - Luke/Lorelai:  Girls Just Want To Have Fun:  Goldman, William - Princess Bride, The:  Great Big Sea:  Gregory, Adam: Cowboy Hamilton, Laurell K.:  Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake Series:  Harold, Gale: Harold, Gale and Harrison, Randy: Wishful Thinking Harper, Tara - Catscratch Duology:  Harrison, Randy: Bold Harry Potter - Black, Sirius:  Harry Potter - Couples:  Harry Potter - Draco/Harry - adult:  Harry Potter - Draco/Harry - slash:  Harry Potter - Dumbledore, Albus:  Harry Potter - Fawkes the Phoenix:  Harry Potter - Gay Relationships:  Harry Potter - Gold Tinted Spectacles:  Harry Potter - Harry/Draco:  Harry Potter - Harry/Draco: Tension Harry Potter - Harry/Draco Slash Fan Art:  Harry Potter - Hermione/Ron:  Harry Potter - Lupin, Remus:  Harry Potter - Lupin, Remus:  Harry Potter - Lupin, Remus - slash:  Harry Potter - Lupin/Snape - Slash:  Harry Potter - McGonagall, Minerva: Headmistress Harry Potter - Men:  Harry Potter - Potter, James 'Prongs': No Higher Praise Harry Potter - Slash:  Harry Potter - Slash Fanart:  Harry Potter - Slytherin Boys:  Harry Potter - Snape, Severus:  Harry Potter - Snape/Lupin:  Harry Potter - Unconventional Pairings:  Harry Potter - Unconventional Pairings - Adult:  Harry Potter - Unconventional Relationships:  Harry Potter - Weasley, Bill:  Harry Potter - Weasley, Ron:  Harry Potter - Wood, Oliver:  Haydon, Elizabeth - Symphony of Ages Series:  Head, Anthony Stewart: Brilliant Hercules & Xena:  Hercules/Xena - Ares:  Hocus Pocus: Black Flame Candle Hocus Pocus: Sanderson, Sarah:  Huff, Tanya:  Icewind Dale:  Jade Empire:  James Bond - Bond Girls:  James Bond - Villians:  Jem and the Holograms: Truly Outrageous Jeremiah - Alexander, Markus:  Jeremiah - Jeremiah:  Jolie, Angelina: Carpe Diem Jordan, Robert: Read and Find Out Jordan, Robert - Wheel of Time Series:  Keeslar, Matt: Gifted Kung Fu Hustle: Lollipops and Axes La Femme Nikita - Nikita/Michael: In Time Lackey, Mercedes:  Lackey, Mercedes - Heralds of Valdemaar:  Ladyhawke:  Ladyhawke - Isabeau/Navarre:  Ladyhawke - Navarre, Etienne:  Ladyhawke - Navarre, Etienne (old):  Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 1 & 2:  Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Eames, Alexandra:  Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Goren, Robert (Bobby):  Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Goren/Eames:  Lawless, Lucy: Lucy Is Lawless League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The:  Ledger, Heath: Matchless Lee, William Gregory: Warrior Leick, Hudson:  Les Miserables - Eponine/Marius:  Lexx:  Lexx - Bellringer, Xev: Love Slave Lexx - Kai: The Dead Do Not... Lindsey, Johanna:  Little Mermaid, The: Part of Your World Long Kiss Goodnight, The: Die Screaming! Lord of the Rings:  Lord of the Rings - Aragorn:  Lord of the Rings - Aragorn/Boromir:  Lord of the Rings - Aragorn/Boromir/Legolas:  Lord of the Rings - Boromir:  Lord of the Rings - Brandybuck, Meriadoc 'Merry':  Lord of the Rings - Eomer:  Lord of the Rings - Eowyn:  Lord of the Rings - Frodo/Sam:  Lord of the Rings - Galadriel:  Lord of the Rings - Gandalf:  Lord of the Rings - Gimli:  Lord of the Rings - Gimli/Legolas:  Lord of the Rings - Hobbits:  Lord of the Rings - Horn of Gonder, The:  Lord of the Rings - Legolas:  Lord of the Rings - Men:  Lord of the Rings - Merry/Pippin:  Lord of the Rings - Relationships:  Lord of the Rings - Return of the King (Movie):  Lord of the Rings - Took, Peregrin 'Pippin':  Lord of the Rings - Torrini, Emiliana: Gollum's Song:  Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Movies and Books):  Lord of the Rings: Cast - Slash:  Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, The:  LXG - Harker, Mina: The Vampire LXG - Sawyer, Tom:  LXG - Tom/Mina:  M.A.S.H. - Hawkeye/Margaret:  McCaffrey, Anne:  McCaffrey, Anne - Crystal Singer Trilogy:  McCaffrey, Anne - Pern Series:  McCaffrey, Anne - Tower & Hive Series:  Medical Investigation:  Meloni, Christopher: Mr. New York Merlin:  Merlin - Mab:  Mortensen, Viggo: Brilliance Mortensen, Viggo and Otto, Miranda:  Mortensen, Viggo and Urban, Karl:  Mummy - Characters:  Mutant X:  Mutant X - Brennan/Jesse:  Mutant X - Brennan/Shalimar:  Mutant X - DeLauro, Emma:  Mutant X - Emma/Jesse:  Mutant X - Fox, Shalimar:  Mutant X - Jesse/Lexa:  Mutant X - Mulwray, Brennan:  Mutant X - Pierce, Lexa:  My Little Pony: Dreamcastle Navy NCIS - DiNozzo, Anthony (Tony): Outrageous Navy NCIS - Sciuto, Abby:  Navy NCIS - Todd, Caitlin (Kate):  Navy: NCIS - Kate/Tony:  Neverwinter Nights:  Neverwinter Nights (series):  O'Connor, Renee: Ren Ocean Girl:  Ocean Girl - Jason/Neri:  Oz:  OZ - Beecher/Keller: Tangled OZ - Keller, Chris:  Pern - Characters:  Pitch Black:  Pitch Black - Fry/Riddick:  Pitch Black - Riddick, Richard B. 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Power Rangers:  Power Rangers - Oliver, Tommy:  Power Rangers - Relationships:  Power Rangers - Scott, Jason:  Pratt, Victoria: Sultry Beauty Pretender, The - Jarod:  Pretender, The - Jarod/Miss Parker:  Pride & Prejudice - Mr. Darcy/Elizabeth Bennett:  Princess Bride, The:  Queer As Folk:  Queer As Folk - Brian/Justin:  Queer As Folk - Brian/Justin (clique):  Queer As Folk - Brian/Justin - Adult: Believing In Fucking Queer As Folk - Brian/Justin - Slash: Best Work Queer As Folk - Brian/Justin Dances:  Queer As Folk - Brian/Justin Kisses:  Queer As Folk - Brian/Justin/Michael:  Queer As Folk - Brian/Lindsay:  Queer As Folk - Cast:  Queer As Folk - Characters:  Queer As Folk - Kinney, Brian:  Queer As Folk - Taylor, Justin:  ReBoot:  ReBoot - AndrAIa: Poison Spikes and Motor Bikes ReBoot - Matrix: A Renegade Lost on the Net Relic Hunter:  Relic Hunter - Fox, Sydney:  Relic Hunter - Nigel/Sydney:  Resident Evil - Alice/Angie: Regenerative Bonds Resident Evil - Ashford, Angie: Just A Little Girl Resident Evil - Characters: Under Our Umbrella Resident Evil - Characters - Female: Zombies Don't Stand a Chance Resident Evil - Characters - Male: Reanimation Resident Evil - Ocampo, Rain: Blow Me Resident Evil - Olivera, Carlos: Leadership Resident Evil - Olivera, Carlos/Alice: Silent Promise Resident Evil - Prospero, Alice: Girl on Fire Resident Evil - Valentine, Jill: Last Escape Roberson, Jennifer - Chronicles of the Cheysuli:  Romantic Comedies:  Rose Red - Wheaton, Annie:  Roswell - 01x09 - Heat Wave:  Roswell - Guerin, Michael:  Roswell - Men:  Rothery, Teryl: natural essence Rowling, J. K. - Harry Potter Series:  Roxette:  S.W.A.T. - Street/Sanchez:  Saint Bernard (St. Bernard):  Savage Garden: Intuition Saved By The Bell - Jesse/Zack:  Scott, Ashley: splendid SeaQuest DSV:  Secret World of Alex Mack, The:  Serenity:  Serenity - Characters:  She-Ra - Princess Adora (She-Ra): Princess of Power She-Ra - Princess of Power: Powerful Siffredi, Rocco: Italian Stud Silk Stalkings:  Silk Stalkings - Rita/Chris:  Sims 2: Virtual Reality Sims 2 (series):  Sims 2 - Nightlife:  Sims 2 - Open For Business:  Sims 2 - Pets: Unleashed: The Next Generation Sims 2 - Seasons:  Sims 2 - University: The Uni Life Sliders:  Smallville - Clark/Lex:  Smallville - Clark/Lex:  Smith, L. J. - Secret Circle, The:  Smith, L.J. - Vampire Diaries, The:  Smurfs:  Space: Above and Beyond: Abandon All Hope Speedman, Scott:  Spellforce:  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dax, Jadzia:  Star Trek: DS9 - Julian/Jadzia: Wishful Thinking Star Trek: Enterprise - Trip/T'Pol:  Star Trek: Enterprise - Trip/T'Pol:  Star Trek: Enterprise - Tucker, Charles 'Trip':  Star Trek: TNG - 07x08 - Attached:  Star Trek: TNG - Crusher/Picard:  Star Trek: TNG - Riker/Troi:  Star Trek: Voyager - 02x25 - Resolutions:  Star Trek: Voyager - 07x11 - Shattered: Temporal Flux Star Trek: Voyager - Chakotay: Reflection Pool Star Trek: Voyager - Janeway, Kathryn:  Star Trek: Voyager - Paris/Torres:  Star Trek: Voyager - Seven of Nine:  Star Trek: Voyager - Torres, B'Elanna:  Star Wars - Ewoks:  Star Wars - Luke/Leia:  Star Wars - Luke/Mara:  Star Wars - Skywalker, Luke:  Star Wars - Skywalker, Mara Jade: Emperor's Hand Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Oooo, Destiny! Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: This Time... Star Wars: KotOR - HK-47: Assassination Protocols, Activated Star Wars: KotOR - Onasi, Carth: Soldier Star Wars: KotOR II - Rand, Atton: Pure Pazaak Stargate SG-1 - Frasier, Janet:  Stargate: Atlantis:  Stargate: Atlantis - Emmagan, Teyla:  Stargate: Atlantis - John/Teyla: Moira Stargate: Atlantis - Season One:  Stargate: SG-1:  Stargate: SG-1 - 02x02 - In The Line Of Duty:  Stargate: SG-1 - 02x15 - The Fifth Race:  Stargate: SG-1 - 03x06 - Point of View:  Stargate: SG-1 - 04x03 - Upgrades:  Stargate: SG-1 - 04x05 - Divide and Conquer:  Stargate: SG-1 - O'Neill/Carter:  Stargate: SG-1 - Sam/Jack:  Supernatural: Highway To Hell Supernatural - Dean/Sam:  Supernatural - Dean/Sam - Slash: Highway To Hell In A Handbasket Supernatural - Winchester, Dean: Fervid Supernatural - Winchester, Sam: College Boy Symphony of Ages - Achmed/Grunthor/Rhapsody:  Teams - Excalibur:  Teams - New Mutants, The:  Teams - New Warriors, The:  Thomas, Rob: The Other Side Threesomes: Menage a Trois Tolkien, J. R. R. - Two Towers, The (book):  Torchwood - Cooper, Gwen/Owen Harper: Ten Seconds Torres, Gina: Goddess Trinnear, Connor:  Tru Calling:  Tru Calling - 01x02 - Putting Out Fires:  Tru Calling - Tru/Davis:  Tydings, Alexandra: Dance Me to Eternity Undercover Blues: Intelligence Runs in the Family Underworld - Selene:  Unicorns:  Urban, Karl: Tiger Webster, Victor: Picture Perfect Whale Rider:  Whale Rider - Apirana, Paikea (Pai):  Wheel of Time - Aes Sedai: Ourobouros Wheel of Time - al'Meara, Nynaeve: Wisdom Wheel of Time - al'Thor, Rand: Rebirth Wheel of Time - al'Vere, Egwene:  Wheel of Time - al'Vere, Egwene (old):  Wheel of Time - Asmodean:  Wheel of Time - Aviendha:  Wheel of Time - Aybara, Perrin:  Wheel of Time - Aybara, Perrin (old):  Wheel of Time - Bashere, Zarine (Faile): Almost Far Dareis Mai Wheel of Time - Cauthon, Mat:  Wheel of Time - Characters:  Wheel of Time - Damodred, Galad: Golden Boy Wheel of Time - Damodred, Moiraine:  Wheel of Time - Forsaken, The:  Wheel of Time - Lan/Nynaeve: Mashiara Wheel of Time - Lanfear: Daughter of the Night Wheel of Time - Mandragoran, al'Lan (Lan): Dai Shan Wheel of Time - Moghedien:  Wheel of Time - Rand/Aviendha/Elayne/Min:  Wheel of Time - Trahelion, Birgitte: Silverbow Wheel of Time - Trakand, Gawyn: First Prince of the Sword Wilde, Oscar - An Ideal Husband:  Without A Trace:  Without A Trace - Martin/Samantha:  X-Files - Mulder/Scully - Adult:  X-Men - Characters - Allerdyce, John (Pyro):  X-Men - Characters - Blaire, Alison (Dazzler):  X-Men - Characters - Braddock, Betsy (Psylocke):  X-Men - Characters - Darkholme, Raven (Mystique):  X-Men - Characters - Domino: Killer X-Men - Characters - Drake, Bobby (Iceman):  X-Men - Characters - Frost, Emma (White Queen):  X-Men - Characters - Grey, Jean (Marvel Girl/Phoenix):  X-Men - Characters - Guthrie, Paige (Husk):  X-Men - Characters - Howlett, Logan (Wolverine):  X-Men - Characters - LeBeau, Remy (Gambit):  X-Men - Characters - Lee, Jubilation (Jubilee):  X-Men - Characters - Lehnsherr, Erik (Magneto):  X-Men - Characters - Male:  X-Men - Characters - Munroe, Ororo (Storm):  X-Men - Characters - Phoenix Avatars:  X-Men - Characters - Pryde, Kitty (Shadowcat):  X-Men - Characters - Rasputin, Illyana Nikolievna (Magik):  X-Men - Characters - Rogue:  X-Men - Characters - Summers, Alex (Havok):  X-Men - Characters - Summers, Nathan (Cable):  X-Men - Characters - Summers, Rachel (Phoenix):  X-Men - Characters - Summers, Scott (Cyclops):  X-Men - Characters - Worthington, Warren (Angel):  X-Men - Characters - Worthington, Warren (Angel):  X-Men - Gen:  X-Men - Relationships - Iceman vs. Pyro:  X-Men - Relationships - Jean-Paul/Bobby:  X-Men - Relationships - Jono/Paige:  X-Men - Relationships - Jubilee/Logan: Lifeline X-Men - Relationships - Lockheed/Kitty:  X-Men - Relationships - Pryde/Wisdom:  X-Men - Relationships - Scott/Jean:  X-Men - Relationships - Wolverine/Rogue:  X-Men - Rogue/Wolverine:  X-Men - Slash: X-Slashful X-Men: Evolution:  Xena - 01x03 - Dreamworker:  Xena - 02x07 - Intimate Strangers:  Xena - 02x15 - A Day in the Life:  Xena - 03x12 - The Bitter Suite:  Xena - Ares/Xena:  Xena - Callisto:  Xena - Eve (aka. 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