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 Ackles, Jensen & Padalecki, Jared: Blood Brothers Anal Sex:  Andromeda - Beka/Tyr:  Aqua - Turn Back Time: Reset Battlestar Galactica - Boomer/Helo:  Beadworking: Patience Blood Ties - Mike/Henry/Vicki: Blood Triangle Blyton, Enid - Adventure series:  Bones - Booth, Seeley/Temperance (Bones) Brennan:  Bones - Hodgins, Jack/Angela Montenegro: Love Is Overrated... Most of the Time Brokeback Mountain - Twist, Jack: Borrowed Shirt BtVS/ATS - Faith/Wesley:  BtVS/ATS - Slash:  Buffy - 07x18 - Dirty Girls:  Care Bears: Share A Smile Charmed - Piper/Cole:  Clooney, George: Irresistible Dawson's Creek - Jack/Jen:  Doctor Who - 01x13 - Parting of the Ways: I Was Fantastic Doctor Who: Doctor/Rose/Captain Jack: Three's Company Doggy Style: G-Spot Jiggy Double Penetration: 2 + 1 FarScape - Crichton, John/Aeryn Sun: Beyond Hope Harrison, Randy: Bold Harry Potter - Harry/Draco: Tension Harry Potter - Slash Fanart:  Jem and the Holograms: Truly Outrageous Jeremiah - Jeremiah:  Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Movies and Books):  She-Ra - Princess of Power: Powerful Siffredi, Rocco: Italian Stud

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